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COVID-19 support and guidance

As a healthcare marketer, we know you are overwhelmed right now. Your healthcare organization needs your expertise now more than ever. Core Health has a full team of seasoned and strategic communicators who are at the ready — not only to fill in where you have communications gaps, but also where you need guidance and counsel. We can immediately help with:

COVID-19 community campaigns
telehealth campaigns
crisis communications
internal communications
employee recognition programs
public relations
content creation
landing page development
TV/video production

We are prepared to help you provide guidance and reassurance throughout your organization and to the communities you serve. We do it on brand and in your organization's voice.

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How to communicate with frightened healthcare consumers

As we work day and night to get crucial COVID-19 communications in place immediately and constantly up-to-date, here are some fast tips for how to most effectively communicate with healthcare consumers in this environment.


COVID-19 healthcare consumer

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