Branding work receives outstanding creative recognition in 2019


Campaign introducing new Valley Health System brand wins at Hospital Marketing National, Service Industry Advertising Awards among others.

Core Health’s work developing a brand campaign for Valley Health System was widely recognized in 2019, receiving top-tier creative awards from leading healthcare marketing organizations. The “My Story” campaign received a gold award distinction from Cancer Advertising Awareness as well as two bronze awards from the Service Industry Advertising Awards and Hospital Marketing National (Northeast), adding to Core Health’s quickly growing list of healthcare advertising awards.

Over more than 10 years, Core Health has helped define and strengthen Valley’s brand identity, building a solid platform to develop impactful creative to reinforce and extend a nearly unassailable market lead in an area rife with competition from nearby New York City health systems. Measurements conducted 18 months after the campaign launch proved that “My Story” not only helped defend Valley Health System’s position as market leader in top-of-mind awareness and overall preference, but that ad recall levels were 32 percent higher for Valley than its next closest competitor.

Getting to know Valley over the past decade really helped make this campaign a success. As close partners, they trusted us enough to let us connect with and tell real patient stories. It allowed us to craft a narrative that’s emotive, memorable, highly adaptable and most importantly, true to the Valley experience.

Beth Crivello-Wagner – Vice President of Brand Services at Core Health

In telling real patient stories, the “My Story” campaign gives audiences an intimate look into the human side of health care. Emotional anecdotes work not only as powerful testimonials for Valley’s services, they also lend themselves to a wealth of content that doesn’t rely on a single medium or particular execution for success. Additionally, the overall style and storytelling approach were strategically considered to ensure the approach could be extended to virtually any service line for a greater degree of specificity, audience segmentation and promotion of key priority service lines. In turn, the Valley “My Story” campaign approach has been used to promote a range of health care services including childbirth, hospice and cancer care.

The “My Story” campaign exemplifies the success of Core Health’s proprietary 5D Brand Process. Developing powerful creative founded on solid strategy has helped Valley maintain awareness, inspire confidence among its target consumer market and increase perception of its ability to treat even the most serious condition. Leveraging consumer insights, the “My Story” campaign was a win not only for Valley, but also in helping Core Health celebrate yet another major creative recognition with its client.

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Colin Deval is the Director of Communications Strategy at Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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