Strategic website redesign receives silver eHealthcare Leadership Award

User-friendly website developed for Froedtert South Hospital awarded in Best Overall Internet category

In November 2021, Core Health received a silver eHealthcare Leadership Award in the category of “Best Overall Internet” for its redesign of the Froedtert South Hospital website. Core Health was present to accept the award during the 25th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas, where the agency also hosted a session on how content strategy can prioritize brand in a website overhaul, highlighting its work on the same project.

Launched in 2020, the ​​strategic new design and content management structure accounted for both website visitors as well as Froedtert South's internal website administrators, while helping reposition the brand to effectively communicate its unique value to patients in the community.

“We’re so proud to receive this award, and so proud of the Froedtert South website overall,” says Beth Crivello-Wagner, vice-president of brand services at Core Health. “This is a prime example of how close collaboration to understand our clients' needs, along with the needs of their audience, is always worth the time and effort in giving everyone a better healthcare user experience.”

ehealthcare leadership award 2021

To better understand and reposition Froedtert South's unique value to patients, Core conducted and distilled hours of qualitative research to create a content strategy, which informed key messaging that was then applied across the redeveloped, easy-to-navigate website design. The site was also designed to support the system’s web administrators through a user-friendly content management system that could be updated in real time with very little training.

Froedtert South-website.jpeg

The eHealthcare Leadership Awards is a leading healthcare awards program designed to recognize the very best websites, digital communications, and business improvement initiatives of a wide range of healthcare organizations. Core Health takes great pride in this special recognition and the website’s success in connecting individuals in the Froedtert South community with the care and services they’re seeking.


Angi Krueger is the Vice President of Marketing at Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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