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2022 National Consumer Insights from Klein & Partners and Core Health

How has the calculus changed for healthcare consumers selecting a healthcare provider? Core Health has partnered with Klein & Partners to conduct a new national consumer survey of 1,000 healthcare decision makers, exploring a variety of key factors affecting healthcare choices.

In addition to identifying key drivers of healthcare choice, this study:

  • Explains the impact of “Covid-brain” and how it affects different consumer segments
  • Examines consumer perceptions of “disruptors,” attitudes about health and healthcare, and the connection between transparency and trust
  • Explores tradeoffs among various factors in decision making for key service lines including cancer, heart and orthopedics, including ratings and reviews, physician recommendations, and more
  • Details consumer expectations when it comes to primary care
  • Describes the role of technology in healthcare research, assessment and care delivery from the consumer point of view
  • Shares how consumers assess and report on their physical, mental and emotional health

This study provides healthcare marketers with critical insights into the minds of today’s healthcare consumers and what truly motivates them.

Download the highlights now.

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