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Critical strategic planning shifts for healthcare marketers

Core Health’s Top 5 landscape shifts, market trends and consumer insights to keep in mind

When I was a regional director of marketing for a large health system, one of the challenges I faced was picking through all the articles, research studies, and data to glean what was important, relevant and timely specific to healthcare. We know you don't have time to read everything that comes across your inbox and social media feeds, so we've pulled together an executive summary of the Top 5 landscape shifts, healthcare market trends and consumer insights you'll want to consider as you dive into your strategic planning process.

Top 5 Landscape Shifts

Across the country, the landscape is shifting as it relates to a number of factors. How do each of these shifts affect your community? What's the demand on you? Are you ready to meet changing expectations?"

Top 5 Healthcare Market Trends

As those working in healthcare know, the industry has experienced more and more rapid change in the past two years than ever before … and the implications will be felt for years to come. How are you responding and getting ahead of these trends in the markets you serve? Are your plans changing? Are the expectations placed on you changing?

Here’s the reality, if you haven’t taken these changes into account, you need to know that those you serve, the people who rely on your services, have changed, and their expectations have changed. To ensure your hospital or health system is ready for that, you must change with them. So let’s explore how.

Top 5 Consumer Insights

One of the healthcare trends – consumerism driving expectations – has many different facets that should affect the way healthcare marketers do their jobs, because it’s changing the way people make choices and forge loyalty. These consumer insights have a direct impact on what and how consumers want to hear from you.

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Laila Waggoner serves as Vice President, Healthcare Strategy for Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice. Laila brings more than 30 years of experience working with regional health systems, community hospitals, academic medical centers, hospices, managed care organizations and B2B healthcare brands in markets across the country. She’s held in-house health system and agency leadership roles, and provides unique insight into how clients can best leverage the strategic branding, marketing and creative resources of an agency partner.

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