Health system advertising sweeps 2019 Aster Awards


Core Health receives gold- and silver-level creative recognition for healthcare advertising campaigns

Core Health was widely recognized for creative achievement at the 2019 Aster Awards, honoring excellence in healthcare advertising. The four distinctions were awarded for four separate campaigns within the health system advertising category and include two gold recognitions and two silver. Campaigns awarded include the “Heroes” and “Choose” campaigns for Riverside Healthcare as well as campaigns for Valley Health System’s hospice and home care services.

These creative recognitions signify the high quality of Core Health’s creative work between two starkly different clients, and the agency’s capability in serving healthcare clients’ diverse marketing needs for diverse markets. From conceptual, service line campaigns to strategically conceived materials that drive audience engagement and better business results, Core Health provides a spectrum of marketing solutions for health systems of all sizes in virtually any geography.

We never start concepting by trying to figure out how to win awards. Our job is to solve our clients’ problems. But it’s a testament to the consistent quality of all the creative minds at work here when our work is widely recognized at award shows like the Asters. And it always gets us excited to take on a new challenge.

Jerry Higgins – Creative Director at Core Health

The four campaigns awarded at the 2019 showcase a spectrum of Core Health’s breakthrough healthcare creative in advertising healthcare system service lines.

Valley Health System campaigns make it personal

Two campaigns for long-term Core Health client, Valley Health System, located in northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City, were named gold winners at the Asters. The “You Matter” campaign for Valley’s hospice care services leveraged direct mail and print advertisements in communicating exactly how Valley values individuals, helping patients and their loved ones find the care they need for the last months, weeks and days of life. “Send Your Care Home,” the other 2019 Aster-winning campaign developed by Core Health was strategically designed to target physicians and generate referrals for home care services by leveraging impressive data related to patient outcomes and simplifying the referral process for physicians. The team came to these solutions after interviewing team members at Valley responsible for the inner workings of the services.

Empowering patients and care providers at Riverside Healthcare

Located in Kankakee, Ill., Riverside Healthcare is one of the most comprehensive health systems in its area. In 2018, Riverside engaged Core Health to develop two service line campaigns that were later awarded silver Aster awards in 2019. The “Heroes” campaign, promoting Riverside’s cancer care, used bold messaging across outdoor and print media to drive awareness of its care providers’ passion, dedication and use of sophisticated technology in the fight against cancer. The strategically integrated  “Choose” campaign introduced Riverside’s new and complete orthopedic care services to a number of audience segments, from student and adult athletes to laborers and older adults in the area by depicting how Riverside could help them overcome their challenges and meet their goals. Both campaigns effectively reinforce one of Riverside’s key value propositions; that quality healthcare is closer than one may think.

The Aster Awards is the nation’s most elite competition dedicated to recognizing the most talented healthcare marketing professionals for outstanding excellence in advertising, marketing and communications. Campaigns developed by Core Health have received top-tier creative recognition within many of the competition categories — from health systems and service lines to specialty services and childrens’ hospitals — speaking to the power of the agency’s insight-driven creative approach and compelling brand storytelling.

Core Health is Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice that connects its clients with solutions that help their audiences live fuller, healthier, more purposeful lives. To receive valuable insights that help healthcare marketers stay on top of consumer research, subscribe to the Core Health email list. To learn more about Core Health’s healthcare marketing case studies, marketing examples, services and processes, explore Core Health solutions or contact us for a conversation about how we can help solve your own internal or external marketing challenges.


Colin Deval is the Director of Communications Strategy at Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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