How to build your brand, inside and out


Our unique philosophy helps drive internal and external brand alignment to solve the biggest challenges healthcare marketers face.

Time and time again, we get asked what we’re really good at.

When choosing an agency partner, you want expertise – the “best of the best” subject matter experts in the industry for research, brand development, creative, digital marketing, etc. We couldn’t agree more, and fortunately – or unfortunately – there are a lot of healthcare marketing agencies to choose from.

Healthcare marketing is complex, and we understand your needs.

So, let’s answer the question. What is Core Health really good at?

Our strength is steeped in a brand philosophy that has been the backbone of Core for over 15 years. It’s what makes us different from any other healthcare marketing agency. Our say it. live it.® philosophy helps create internal and external brand alignment. And that’s important, because to solve the biggest challenges healthcare marketers face, both internally and externally, you need your brand to work hard for you inside and out.

Our process starts by going deep with brand, employee and consumer research, draws insights that translate to strategies, and finally to breakthrough creative marketing solutions that drive results. This strength applies to external campaigns and, just as importantly, with strategies for employer brand development and rich internal brand programs that connect employees with your brand for recruitment, engagement and retention initiatives.

The strongest brands implement both internal and external strategies to create brand alignment – the gold standard for healthcare marketers. You’re probably thinking, “This sounds great – but where do I start?”

Where’s your biggest pain point? Let’s start there.

We’ll bring together your CEO, marketing team, patient experience and human resource executives to develop an effective strategy to build your aligned brand over time, tackling your most immediate needs in the short-term.

Let us help your organization “say it” and “live it”. Be the gold standard your patients and employees deserve.

Contact us to learn more about our expertise in brand alignment.


Laila Waggoner serves as Vice President, Strategic Partnerships for Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice. Laila brings more than 30 years of experience working with regional health systems, community hospitals, academic medical centers, hospices, managed care organizations and B2B healthcare brands in markets across the country. She’s held in-house health system and agency leadership roles, and provides unique insight into how clients can best leverage the strategic branding, marketing and creative resources of an agency partner.

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