Patient website wins Healthcare Digital Marketing Award

Strategic overhaul of website receives gold distinction from Healthcare Digital Marketing Awards

In December 2020, Core Health received a gold award from the Healthcare Digital Marketing Awards for its strategic revamp of the Med Center Health patient website. The new award comes just several weeks after the agency received an e-Healthcare Leadership Award in the category of “Best Overall Internet Site” for the same project.

As a strategic partner for Med Center, Core Health’s goal in the healthcare website redesign was to give consumers a better overall experience, with a greater emphasis placed on the patient portal, search functionality, and integrating multiple locations and services into one comprehensive site. The updated digital presence tells an improved brand story that clearly differentiates the health system and the access to top-quality healthcare it provides in Southcentral Kentucky.

We’re so proud to have received yet another award for the Med Center website. It’s a great feeling to have our work recognized among the best of the best, but to see consistent recognition really speaks to the strength of our web development capabilities — and the benefits of strong, collaborative client relationships, like the one we have with Med Center.

Beth Crivello-Wagner – Vice President of Brand Services at Core Health

Each year, the Healthcare Digital Marketing Awards recognizes the best healthcare websites, digital content, electronic communications, mobile media and social media. Submissions are judged by a national panel of industry specialists, judging creativity, marketing execution, message impact, technology application and innovation content. Core Health takes great pride in having received this distinction.

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Angi Krueger is the Vice President of Marketing at Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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