Results Showcase: Inspiring Social Responsibility During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Creating a data-driven social media campaign to inform and persuade audiences to mask up and protect communities in northeast and central Wisconsin.

This healthcare case study provides insight into a healthcare marketing campaign created for a midwestern health system that focused on informing and persuading individuals to wear a mask during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This strategic, data-driven social media campaign helped our client ThedaCare create a feeling of social responsibility and motivation to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The messages confronted a sensitive topic and diffused people’s preconceived notions by focusing on what community survey results told us people needed to know. Additionally, the campaign tapped into the shared feelings of those in the community who would be advocates for the message, leading to a significant boost in impressions. With only 13 posts, our strategic healthcare social media campaign generated more than 90,000 impressions and 3,000 engagements, and drove a spike in the system’s Facebook audience.

It’s important to note discourse around this topic was heated around the country, particularly in the early months of the pandemic. This case was not unique. There was good, positive discourse and there was challenging, negative commentary. Still, the campaign achieved its goal of presenting information to would-be endorsers to spark a conversation steeped in the facts people needed to hear, with the compassion the community needed to feel. This campaign delivered and helped spread a crucial message from trusted messengers when it was needed the most.

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Angi Krueger is the Vice President of Marketing at Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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