SHSMD '19: Share your healthcare marketing success story

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We want to hear from you at SHSMD

The annual SHSMD conference provides us all with great opportunities to learn from each other.

  • So many new topics and trends explored.
  • So many marketing communications problems solved.
  • So many case studies shared.
  • So many new ideas.
  • So much inspiration to take home.

BUT BE HONEST … while attending, have you ever thought to yourself,

WE have a great story to tell at our healthcare system too. Why hasn’t anyone asked US to share it?

Well, now someone is.

Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice, would love to hear your best stories. And, if you’re interested, we’ll even give you a platform – our Core Exchange healthcare marketing podcast – in which to share it with your peers.

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Your story could be anything branding or marketing communications related:

  • How you successfully rebranded a health system after a merger or acquisition
  • Ways you improved employee engagement through culture building strategies
  • How you’ve leveraged your “why” to recruit the right doctors and nurses to your system
  • Innovative ways you’ve tracked and measured the impact of your service line marketing
  • How you’ve balanced HIPAA compliance and effective patient storytelling
  • The most creative ways you’ve faced off against competition creeping into your market

You name it! Just swing by our booth (#626) at SHSMD and tell us about your successes. We’d love to hear what marketing challenges you’ve solved … and what wicked problems you’re still wrestling with. When you visit and share your story, your name will be entered into a drawing for free Apple AirPods.

And remember, you don’t have to record a podcast with us during or after the conference – just share your story idea with us at the booth. But we’d love for you to listen to the “Core Exchange”, our healthcare marketing podcast. You can get each new episode delivered to your inbox by signing up for our e-newsletter in the form below. You can also hear them directly on our website or subscribe through Apple Podcasts.

We are constantly learning and sharing with one another – to build strong brands inside and out. Let’s do it in person!

Hope to see you at SHSMD in Nashville!


Ward Alles is the President and Brand Consultant at Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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