Strategic website overhaul completed earns e-Healthcare Leadership Award


New Med Center Health website streamlines more than 18 separate and outdated sites into one cohesive, user friendly health system website

Core Health’s work successfully integrating 18+ separate sites under one consistent website experience for Med Center Health was recognized with a 2020 e-Healthcare Leadership Award. Specifically, the award was under the “Best Overall Internet Site” category. Factors considered for this distinction included delivery of strong healthcare content, interactivity, medical care support, integration with the organization’s operations, as well as strength of web design, ease of navigation, and digital accessibility.

Before the strategic website redesign, Core Health had already collaborated with Med Center to help define its brand in the Southcentral Kentucky region by leading them through our 5D Brand Process. Having this background helped tremendously when planning strategy and setting objectives for the website redesign and overhaul. Because we were able to consolidate and organize content in a more strategic and user-friendly fashion, we positioned Med Center Health as the region’s leading health system instead of a collection of hospitals and clinics.

Building that foundation at the beginning of our relationship was vital to making the website redesign a success. From there, we created a content strategy that would support the brand’s integration and patients’ needs throughout the entire site. Ultimately, this gave our team a clear vision that would meet everyone’s expectations.

Beth Crivello-Wagner – Vice President of Brand Services at Core Health

The new Med Center Health website gives consumers a better overall experience, with a greater emphasis placed on the patient portal, search functionality, and integrating multiple locations and services into one comprehensive site. Repetitive content was consolidated and the digital experience is now seamless for users. The new website redesign also gave the Med Center Health team easy control over its content management system and confidence their brand was felt throughout. The updated digital presence tells an improved brand story that clearly differentiates the health system and the access to top-quality healthcare it provides in Southcentral Kentucky.

The website redesign would not have been successful without first defining the Brand Compass. Core Health and Med Center Health collaborated to define the system’s new value proposition, reflecting its ability to offer more access to top-quality healthcare than any other provider in Southcentral Kentucky. Identifying this key differentiator providing a starting point for its marketing communications plans, including the new website.

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Angi Krueger is the Vice President of Marketing at Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice.


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