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System and service line campaigns receive SIAA across categories

2020 Service Industry Advertising Awards recognize Core Health’s creative achievements in promoting service lines, health systems and children’s health clinics.

Last year, we were buzzing with new healthcare campaign development at Core Health. From research and creative concepting to photo and video shoots, there wasn’t a dull moment. The thrills are spilling over into this year as we learned we won in all three categories we entered into at the 17th Annual Service Industry Advertising Awards.

There were 500 agencies and over 715 institutions entered into the Service Industry Advertising Awards. It’s a huge honor to win every submission, considering we were going up against such an impressive range of industries. We're proud of our work as a healthcare marketing agency. Impactful healthcare advertising can come in the form of creative solutions. We're thrilled to share these award winning healthcare campaigns and creative examples with you.

It takes incredible partnerships to create award-winning campaigns

A lot of brilliant people came together to bring these three campaigns to life. It took strong, trusting relationships to ensure the work was strategically sound and beautifully executed.

It’s not easy to visualize the end result of a campaign with some sketches and words. But we rely on our partners like Meritas Health, Arkansas Children’s Hospital and Riverside Healthcare to do just that. It requires a tremendous amount of trust, communication and passion.

As a result of these rock-solid partnerships, the following award-winning campaigns were brought to life.

BRONZE, TV SERIES: Meritas Health, That Happens Here campaign

This campaign came off the heels of a top-of-mind awareness campaign we previously did for Mertias Health. The original campaign was funny and playful. After many rotations in the market, our Meritas team wanted to freshen up the campaign without it being a direct extension.

The messages for this refreshed campaign were simple: Meritas Health is convenient, patients consistently give Meritas doctors excellent ratings and online booking is available. With our client’s positive and upbeat approach to marketing, we created a campaign that allowed us to commiserate with the woes people face in healthcare. We used an over-the-top, fun approach that showed how Meritas is the answer to these healthcare pain points.

Other SIAA recognitions from Core Health include a silver-winning total advertising campaign promoting Arkansas Children’s Jonesboro clinic and a bronze-winning series of television advertisements for Meritas Health. Core Health owes the success of these campaigns to their close, collaborative partnerships with the respective health systems, working hand-in-hand to understand and connect with audiences on an emotional level.

This year’s SIAA wins are just several of those garnered by Core Health in 2020. The agency has been widely recognized by many healthcare advertising awards competitions, including the ASTER awards and Healthcare Marketing Report awards. Time and time again, Core’s strategic, insights-based approach to healthcare marketing has proven successful not only in its creative merit but in its ability to generate meaningful business results for health systems across the country.

Core Health is Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice that connects its clients with solutions that help their audiences live fuller, healthier, more purposeful lives. To receive valuable insights that help healthcare marketers stay on top of consumer research, subscribe to the Core Health email list. To learn more about Core Health’s services and processes, explore Core Health solutions or contact us for a conversation about how we can help solve your own internal or external marketing challenges.


Colin Deval is the Director of Communications Strategy at Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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