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Workplace wellness program recognized at Core Health in 2019

Agency receives gold distinction from American Heart Association for employee health and wellness

In October 2019, the American Heart Association awarded Core Health a gold distinction —the highest level of recognition —for workplace health achievement.

The award reflects the agency’s commitment to promoting and participating in healthy habits and lifestyles and community wellbeing; in this case, the wellness of its very own team. As a healthcare marketing firm, Core Health abides by its “Say It. Live It.” philosophy for marketing, aligning its external brand with its internal practices. For Core, that means encouraging and helping employees live healthier, more purposeful lives, just like its professed purpose for its clients. Unlike many other businesses, implementing such practices doesn’t fall solely under the responsibility of human resources staff. At Core, a team of engaged employees actively participate in finding new opportunities to promote healthy habits long term (including good nutrition, exercise and mental health) as well as regular events and challenges that empower employees to remain engaged and informed when it comes to their health and care.

As an advertising agency deeply immersed in healthcare, we hold ourselves to a high standard in promoting health among our employees. We always want to practice what we preach. Supporting our team’s mental and physical health helps them thrive as individuals. It makes them feel good about coming to work here and doing their best for our clients.

Patti Schauer – Vice President of Finance and Human Resources

The American Heart Association uses a five-step process to track and monitor workplaces’ health achievements to quality for the award. While some of the reporting depends on workplace and employee self-assessments, HR staff then use the data to track and measure employees health and progress over time, update information and use it to inform and implement initiatives that will improve index scores. Businesses with high health achievement scores are recognized for their efforts and efficacy in promoting employee health. Core’s employee wellness committee uses this data to inform its culture of health and help identify new ways to keep employees healthy and happy at work.

The framework of the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index was built so organizations would continue to strive to improve the health of their workplace and their workforce from one year to the next. Core Health takes pride in its gold recognition and in its proactive culture of wellness, reinforcing its commitment to promoting good health in communities everywhere.

Core Health is Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice that connects its clients with solutions that help their audiences live fuller, healthier, more purposeful lives. To receive valuable insights that help healthcare marketers stay on top of consumer research, subscribe to the Core Health email list. To learn more about Core Health’s services and processes, explore Core Health solutions or contact us for a conversation about how we can help solve your own internal or external marketing challenges.


Angi Krueger is the Vice President of Marketing at Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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