Results that prove you're making an impact.

Along with our clients, we determine the goals, key performance indicators and ways to measure them. It’s more than just crunching numbers. With the information we gather, we gain insights that allow you to get closer to your customers. And ultimately, closer to your business goals.

Medical Device Product Launch

"Potential" became possible for Henry Schein Dental

The media strategy and creative approach proved highly successful, resulting in a product campaign that far exceeded our goals.

  • Gained higher quality leads than anticipated
  • Generated more landing page traffic
  • Goals were exceeded by double-digit percentages
Healthcare Provider Testimonial

"Core's partnership is key to the work we're doing. We're grateful for their strategic focus, planning and dedication to creativity, which helps us serve our community so we can keep people healthy and safe."

Healthcare provider Service Line Campaigns

Campaigns that help acquire new patients

During our 10-year relationship, we launched several service line campaigns that featured results such as:

  • A 300% increase in consultations for bariatric surgery, 15% increase in actual surgeries
  • A 12% increase in patient volumes in robotic surgery
  • More than 50 inquiries from new patients for neurology services
  • 380% more unique site visitors, 278% more phone calls, and a 565% increase in conversions for a birthing center
Healthcare provider Testimonial

"Core Health created an outstanding campaign for our Jonesboro Clinic because it is clearly grounded in 'voice of the customer.' Both the campaign development process and the execution itself are perfect examples of how we are aligning ourselves with best-in-class external partners."

Healthcare provider Service Line Campaigns

Using bold creative to promote outstanding heart care

For North Kansas City Hospital and Meritas Health, our strategic media mix created a comprehensive ecosystem to drive awareness of the system’s heart care. During the campaign run, the system experienced:

  • a new patient increase of more than 10% year over year for the service line, and
  • a 12% year-over-year increase in total heart care visits.
Healthcare association Testimonial

"It’s clear the Core team listened during the workshop. I appreciate how they push and challenge my team. I have no hesitation presenting our ideas to the Board of Directors."

Healthcare provider Brand campaign

Aligning brand with culture

TriHealth asked Core to help them define their brand strategy and bring their brand to life in a new campaign to outwardly reflect their exceptional and differentiating culture.

Health system Testimonial

We really disrupted healthcare marketing in this market, in a wonderful way.

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