Employer Branding

Recruit and retain the best healthcare employees

Hospitals and health systems are constantly under pressure to hire and retain the best employees. That’s no easy feat these days. The job market is more competitive than ever and there's increased demand on the existing workforce.

The solution for healthcare talent acquisition, engagement and retention? A brand that employees can relate to and feel good about working for.

by creating a strong, relatable brand for candidates

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Core works with you to ensure brand alignment between your external brand for consumers and patients and your internal brand for employees and providers. Through our say it. live it.® philosophy, we look at your brand as an experience your employees are delivering, and we spend time building a deep understanding of your organization to uncover its true purpose.

We apply the same rigorous, collaborative discovery process to employer branding as we do to all our branding projects. This ensures your messaging around recruiting, engaging and retaining employees fits seamlessly into your existing brand. We’ll work together with you to understand the competitive landscape, your current position, and your goals to create a strategic marketing plan to fill your hiring pipelines.

and turns them into team players who believe in your mission.

With Core, you’ll create a strong employer brand and a strategic marketing and communication plan that is reflective of your organization while attracting and engaging the audiences you want to reach the most. In addition, we provide tools for you to continue building that brand throughout the entire employee experience. A strong employer brand and the communication strategy to both recruit and retain mean you'll attract and keep the quality candidates you want, not just a large volume of resumes.

We also help with: Brand Storytelling / Marketing Services / B2B Product Launches

I am very proud of the resulting employment website. It's professional; not siloed or cut up in different ways. This is awesome.

Jim Balestieri – CEO, MyPath

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