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Brand Storytelling

Achieving goals by sharing real healthcare stories

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Healthcare organizations often come to us in need of a specific campaign. Whether that’s to educate the community about a particular issue, build volume for a specific service line, or differentiate themselves from competitors, the heart of the matter is always the same: Your campaign needs to tell a story.

Audiences are numb to the status quo, whether that’s stock imagery of providers and patients, or self-congratulatory promotions featuring technology and award wins. We know that more of the same won’t help your brand stand out. And no one tells healthcare brand stories with more authenticity than Core Health.

That’s because we don’t just sell a product or service. We create stories that center the patient and help audiences relate to your brand.

that communicate your brand authentically

We do this by talking to real people and understanding their lived experiences. We research, interview, and uncover insights from your patients.

From there, we tell your brand stories in the way that will impact your audience most. Our say it. live it.® philosophy puts us in your patients’ shoes — and we use that perspective to showcase your brand stories in a way that will resonate. We’ll find the best methods to tell your story, whether it’s social media, television commercials, or print and traditional media. Core Health’s experience and expertise telling nuanced and emotional stories means you can connect with your audience at a deeper level, turning patients into brand advocates.

and set your healthcare system apart from the competition.

Core Health’s unique industry expertise means we uncover insights other agencies can’t find. We know what stories break through to healthcare audiences. And we go beyond the common self-serving or mundane messages to find the unique brand story that will make your organization stand out. Then, we give you the tools to tell your stories with empathy and compassion to show your future patients how much you care.

We also help with: Brand Strategy / Creative Services / Recruitment and Retention

Core helped us think through the best articulation of who we are and who we want to be with a strong brand compass and thorough storytelling.

Brett Barczak – Chief Marketing Officer, Numotion

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