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A meaningful and memorable brand accelerates your progress toward your strategic goals.

Core’s brand strategy process is rigorous, collaborative, and holistic. We focus on the “why” behind your brand and define who you are in a way that resonates with internal and external audiences. Through our say it. live it.® philosophy, we gain a perspective that ensures a patient-centered result.

by discovering, defining, and developing your brand strategy

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On a granular level, we accomplish that through our 5D process. This is where we lay the groundwork for your brand strategy. Our process and our expertise allow us to do the right research work collaboratively with you to discover audience insights you won’t find elsewhere.

Let’s break down the 5D process:

Discovery is first, and fundamental to fully understanding each client and their unique goals, challenges, and opportunities. With decades of healthcare experience, we are able to extract valuable information from stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and comprehensive audits.

We then define the brand strategy that will guide all of your marketing and creative efforts. Through our brand definition, we’ll identify the right audiences and the best way to reach them, ensuring that your brand is memorable and relatable.

Throughout the rest of our process, we develop your brand through authentic and meaningful creative assets based on the strategy, deploy it by breaking through the clutter to reach and meet audiences where they are, and debrief post-launch to analyze, optimize and refine.

that positions your services as exactly what your audience needs.

The result? A brand that is true to your healthcare organization in a way that supports your business goals. We work right alongside you to make strategic choices about how to best develop your brand, position it in the marketplace, and make it stand out to the right audiences.

Whether your brand is already established or new, contains one flagship or multiple separately branded entities, our experience and expertise ensure the result is relevant, differentiated, resonant, and true. Brand strategy, done well, will be the cornerstone of your competitive advantage.

We also help with: Brand Storytelling / Creative Services / Service Line Campaigns

Core helped us think through the best articulation of who we are and who we want to be with a strong brand compass and thorough storytelling.

Bret Barczak – Chief Marketing Officer, Numotion

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