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Help your audience make the right healthcare decisions

Successfully running marketing campaigns for specific service lines is a challenge for many health system marketing teams. For consumers, healthcare decisions aren’t easy and are often emotionally charged. And comparing service lines to each other is like comparing apples and oranges. The patient journey for bariatric surgery is a much different situation than searching for the top oncologist.

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The expertise and experience Core brings to each and every campaign will help you get the results you need, when you need them. Whether it’s a service line that affects brand perception like cardiovascular surgery, or a narrow-scope, specifically targeted campaign to help primary care providers refer patients, we’ll identify the right performance indicators and give you the tools to measure success.

Every service line campaign needs to be a delicate balance between consumer and patient concerns and business needs. No agency knows that better than Core, and each service line campaign we design addresses both internal and external audience needs.

with data-driven, creative, and consumer-centered service line campaigns

Our say it. live it.® philosophy guides our efforts by framing our pursuits from internal and external perspectives. Like all of our services, creating a service line campaign is highly collaborative with your organization. Our process always starts with a deep understanding of the consumer and their journey, which is then reflected in both the creative and the media strategy.

We also know that service line campaigns are notoriously hard to track and measure. Based on your current data and infrastructure, we work with you to identify and track the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide maximum visibility into your service line campaigns. To ensure strong strategic direction, we deliver a campaign brief that aligns every aspect of the campaign — from media planning to creative strategy — with the overall goals.

that drive revenue and solve business challenges.

Healthcare service line campaigns should maintain and elevate your brand as a whole. Core will work with you to educate providers and empathize with patients to set a strategy that resonates. We navigate the intricacies and challenges to run effective campaigns and help you put together a full story — to measure your efforts through ROI and to compel consumers to get in touch.

We also help with: B2B Product Launches / Recruitment and Retention Campaigns / Brand Strategy

Our brand is stronger than ever, and we have been thrilled with the engagement we have had with our real patient stories.

Megan Fraser – VP of Marketing, Valley Health System

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