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Seeing better business results through targeted messaging

How “potential” became possible — and exceeded projections — with the Primescan launch campaign for Henry Schein Dental

CEREC Primescan Unit

Introducing a new product
In early 2019, Henry Schein Dental — one of the world’s largest dental supply companies and a new Core client — came to us in urgent need of a campaign for one of its newest product launches. Dentsply Sirona’s new Primescan intraoral scanning device promised to revolutionize dental imaging, enabling dentists to scan faster, more accurately — and help produce precise implants and oral restoration pieces faster than ever before. But to lead the market in sales, time was of the essence. Core needed to strategize, concept and execute a campaign within the span of just a few weeks.

Defining the target audience
Using the research and preliminary audience personas provided by Henry Schein, we distilled the information into a simplified discovery insights report to define our target audience and key messaging strategies, as well as assess the best touchpoints at which to reach our audience. Identifying the audience as “Money Maker” dentists — those who prioritize fast, easy profitability and new patient acquisition — we developed a comprehensive, multi-channel content marketing campaign highlighting the ease and outcomes of using Primescan.

What if

you had a seamless, complete chairside workflow within 90 days?

What if

you could get 23 days back a year by reducing impressioning remakes?

Introducing Primescan™ from Henry Schein Dental.

The brief

Our challenge was to convince our early majority — who may still be wary of the financial risks of new technology — that choosing Primescan was a certain and effortless way to see better business results and greater ROI sooner.

The goal was to develop a creative concept that challenged our audience’s current perception (the difficulty of incorporating advanced technology), while giving them confidence this investment would boost their business and Henry Schein Dental would be there to support them — every step of the way.

Woman with mouth open being screened with Primescan tool.
A man's hand utilizing the Cerec software via a touchscreen display.
Technician in a lab analyzing results from Primescan screening.
Primescan(TM) unit 3/4 view
Henry Schein landing page on computer screen

Creative and activation

Speaking to a highly analytical, no-nonsense audience, we leveraged Primescan’s statistics to prove the system’s benefits. But our thought-provoking headlines invited dentists to reach their own conclusions:

What if?

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Henry Schein Social Post 2
Primescan digital ad
Email layout of Primescan brochure

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