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Med Center Health

Med Center Health

Improving a health system's reputation with stories that prove excellence is “right here.”

The answer to this health system’s challenge was hidden in plain sight. We just had to look for it.

Facing outmigration challenges
Despite the fact it is the only full-service provider in Southcentral Kentucky, Med Center Health still faced out-migration challenges due to strong awareness of big market competitors and low overall perception of quality, as compared to those competitors.

Uncovering the truth
We used our 5D Brand Process to discover and convey a simple truth: patients didn't have to go anywhere but home for the best care.

Leveraging emotion to keep patients in network
A unique position and a defined brand that helped us drive emotional storytelling featuring real patients. Creative that turned heads, strengthened a brand and won two Kentucky Society for Healthcare Awards.

5D brand process

We worked through our collaborative process to define the Med Center brand in a Brand Compass. During the Discovery phase, we identified the unique brand position Med Center Health "owned" in its market. The solution to the challenge Med Center faced was hidden in plain sight. We had discovered that truth, now, we needed to communicate it with a creative campaign that would motivate people to take action. Patients in Med Center's 12-county service area needed to know just what they had in this health system with 400 physicians, 50 specialists and six hospitals across Southcentral Kentucky.

This position would help Med Center compete with the big-city health systems in neighboring Nashville.

  • Discover

  • Define

  • Develop

  • Deploy

  • Debrief

Creative and activation

To tell that story for patients in the region, we focused on examples of the quality of care Med Center provides, and the innovation that leads them. The “Incredible. Right here.” campaign used three emotional patient stories to show the real-life impact of Med Center’s services, using its innovative capabilities in orthopedic care, cardiac surgery and sports medicine to elevate perception of its overall quality. That took care of “incredible.” To hit the “right here.” mark, we focused on the system’s service area, proving residents of Southcentral Kentucky had access to the innovative care they expected, right where they lived.

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Real stories. Right here.

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