Numotion Softwheel

Numotion Softwheel

Using strategic communication to share the benefits of a mobility device.

How Core Health integrated social media, influencer content and sales support to launch an innovative new product.

Numotion — the nation’s leading provider of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) — became the sole U.S. distributor of SoftWheel’s Acrobat line of wheels for manual wheelchairs. Numotion partnered with Core to help educate internal employees on the product and connect with the people who would benefit most from using them.

Generating awareness and interest

As a national brand, Numotion already had a large audience, one that was familiar with its offerings. However, by providing access to the new SoftWheel Acrobat line of wheels, it would be the first time the company was selling cash-paid products. This required an approach focused on reaching key audiences with a message built around the benefits of the new product to generate both awareness and interest. Once Numotion launched its e-commerce platform, it was time to take our message to external audiences. Core implemented an integrated campaign to reach end users where they’re most likely to engage with content.

Softwheel Sale Sheets

Targeted Promotional Materials

Educational materials, including direct mail and email, helped communicate benefits to prospective customers.

Video Testimonials

In order to gain audience trust in this innovative new product, we produced and directed a video showing a user's first-hand experience with the SoftWheel Acrobat wheels, highlighting how the product enabled them to live more freely.


Innovative Facebook Advertising

The four-week campaign utilized a new-at-the-time Facebook ad offering called “Canvas.” The full-screen ad combined images, video, text and call-to-action buttons to create engagement among mobile users. It allowed us to fully explain the innovative technology without requiring the viewer to leave the platform.

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