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Owensboro Health Medical Group

Owensboro Health Medical Group

Driving patient volumes for a growing health system.

When a message got complex, a simplified brand strategy gave consumers the message they needed.

A new name
Thanks in part to an aggressive acquisition strategy, Kentucky-based Owensboro Health Medical Group had experienced significant growth. Adding the potential for further confusion, the group also changed its name to OneHealth. Such rapid growth brings change that can be difficult to manage for internal employees and difficult to understand for consumers in the marketplace.

Defining the brand and go-to-market strategy
Core helped Owensboro Health Medical Group define its brand in a Brand Compass, launch with a unique go-to-market strategy and create strategy guides and a brand architecture that made the brand’s visual strategy scalable and easy-to-use.

A 25% increase in patient volumes
Owensboro Health experienced a single quarter 25 percent year-over-year increase in patient volumes while benefiting from the brand architecture necessary to meet inevitable future growth for the newly expanding and unified health system. The campaigns that followed our brand forward strategy resulted in five Evansville American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards, including Best in Show.

5D brand process

Core partnered with Owensboro Health to define the health system’s position and audience. Our Brand Compass clarified the group's why, how and what, and identified its unique market position. The work provided vital clarification and alignment for the quickly changing brand as it prepared to go to market.

  • Discover

  • Define

  • Develop

  • Deploy

  • Debrief

Owensboro Health Brand Architecture logo hierarchy

Defining a brand

Having defined the brand, Core worked with Owensboro Health to pursue a master brand strategy with an endorsed brand – OneHealth – for its medical group. The Brand Architecture provided guiding principles and visual standards that were consistent with Owensboro Health’s brand position. Our team addressed more than 68 logos, easing organizational and consumer confusion by turning an inconsistent, compromised visual identity into a simple, scalable and meaningful brand architecture.

doctor headshot
white and blue ad
doctor print ad

The people behind the numbers

The simple flexibility of the brand strategy allowed us to bring deeper messaging into the mix. We created a two-phased campaign covering print, digital, radio, television and social media. On one side, we leveraged that equation as a key differentiator across the One Health region. On the other, we demonstrated how “we’re all connected” to show the growth of the system and the access One Health’s audience, many of whom had been unfamiliar with the system prior to the launch, had across an expanding region.

firefighter helmets and clothes hung up
grid layout of colored boxes with text
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