ThedaCare – Inspired To

ThedaCare – Inspired To

Using inspiration to create a healthier future for all

Strengthening ThedaCare’s brand perception by elevating team members — who work, live, and lead with purpose within their community.

After working through a brand definition process, ThedaCare was ready to launch an external brand campaign to reconnect with its audience. Research identified some key challenges; although the local health system — that had served its communities for more than 100 years — led the market in brand awareness, brand attraction and share of experience, its scores were declining. Large competitors were encroaching on the system’s service area, taking market share, and appealing to prospective patients by making them feel more confident, human and hopeful.

Our objective was to position ThedaCare as the superior health system by celebrating its legacy and commitment to the community in a way that felt authentic and local, and stood out from the competition.

Our Solution

Recognizing that inspiration can be a catalyst for change, our strategy put a focus on how ThedaCare's team members' individual actions create inspiration that improves people's everyday well-being across its communities. We developed a fully integrated campaign featuring seven ThedaCare team members, each of whom lives in the communities ThedaCare serves, and is personally and professionally aligned with ThedaCare’s core values and driving purpose.

Through their roles at ThedaCare, as well as their personal passions and volunteer work, these individuals serve as an inspiration for their communities — and show how recognizing and acting on inspiration in one’s personal life can inspire others and create a healthier future for all.

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