ThedaCare – What If I Told You

ThedaCare – What If I Told You

Building a brand movement to improve awareness and engagement

Through the power of inspiration, we helped empower individuals to take steps forward on their health journey and grow ThedaCare's movement to create a healthier future for all.

After working through Core’s brand discovery and definition process and several years of rigorous internal culture-building work, ThedaCare was ready to formally launch a new brand campaign, with a larger goal of reimagining health care for its communities and communicating its commitment to population health. We were asked to help create a brand “movement” that would engage individuals across the region to be more proactive in addressing health and care needs so they could be present for all of life's inspiring and joyful moments.

Turning inspiration into action

As part of our Life Inspired brand platform, our goal was to empower individuals across ThedaCare’s communities with guided, actionable steps to improve their well-being and use inspiration to grow the movement. The “What If I Told You” integrated awareness campaign showed how small moments have the power to spark meaningful change. Vibrant imagery and thought-provoking, invitational messaging encouraged our audience to make positive changes in their life and be the start of a healthier future for all — an inspiration for others.

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