Serving the community in a time of crisis

How we worked to inspire togetherness to reduce the impact of COVID-19

Reaching the community
As the most comprehensive health system in central and northeast Wisconsin, ThedaCare had a duty to communicate with its communities about the crucial steps it was taking to prevent, test and treat COVID-19. With COVID-19 infections escalating quickly, ThedaCare turned to Core to develop a campaign of creative healthcare solutions that both empathized with and helped inform the communities it serves.

Establishing credibility
With Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order newly in place and social distancing recommendations coming from public health leaders, we needed to convey the critical importance of prevention while reminding our audience of the purpose behind it: protecting communities and loved ones. We also needed to establish ThedaCare as a reliable resource for information about COVID-19. As the nation's health crisis deepened, the campaign would position the health system as the region’s leader in access to care, with convenient care options, important updates, mental health resources, and symptom and prevention information.


The brief:

Our challenge was to develop a campaign with creative that was positive and compelling while conveying the resources ThedaCare had made available for its communities. We were asked to acknowledge and honor the unique role healthcare workers — from physicians and nurses to environmental services and administrative support staff — have in combating COVID-19, while encouraging our audience to take the steps needed to keep their loved ones — and their communities — healthy and safe.

We understood that developing a message that united our audience would serve a dual purpose: promoting togetherness while social distancing and promoting the efficacy of getting everyone involved in reducing the impact of COVID-19.

Core's partnership is key to the work we're doing. We're grateful for their strategic focus, planning and dedication to creativity, which helps us serve our community so we can keep people healthy and safe.

-Jon Ollmann Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy ThedaCare

Mother with children learning at a table.
A hand holding a phone in which a video face to face call is occurring.
A boy seen holding up artwork through a window pane.

Care connects us

The campaign we developed centers around a simple idea that speaks to the ThedaCare brand and a builds greater sense of community.


More ways to care

By highlighting the many forms that “care” can — and should — take in light of the COVID-19 health crisis, our message expresses empathy, elevates front line healthcare staff from all teams and explains the importance of adhering to the recommendations of healthcare leaders. Doing our part unites us around the cause itself and makes all of our efforts more effective.

The creative is a powerful and inspiring call for community action focused on prioritizing access to the resources ThedaCare made available, including:

  • A COVID-19 Community Hotline
  • A microsite for which we provided UX and creative design

The media campaign includes TV, radio, print, social media, animated digital display and outdoor executions, ensuring that, no matter what media they are using, individuals within the communities we serve will see this critical message.

Thedacare COVID website billboard
Three image examples of Thedacare campaign work by Core Creative
Thedacare COVID hotline billboard
Thedacare Email designed by Core Creative

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