TriHealth – Be seen. Be heard. Be healed.℠

TriHealth  – Be seen. Be heard. Be healed.℠

Aligning a brand with its culture

We used our unique say it. live it.® approach to successfully differentiate a health system and meet the needs of its community.

TriHealth, one of the largest health systems in Cincinnati, was in the uncommon position of having done rigorous culture-building work for several years — and achieving impressive results in its population health approach.

While TriHealth had many unique strengths, Cincinnati is a highly saturated healthcare market. The system turned to Core to help redefine their brand strategy and bring it to life in a new campaign.

A surprisingly human approach

Consumers and current patients expressed that, to believe that they received the best possible care, they first needed to feel understood and cared for as a human being.

This consumer insight led to the strategic platform for the campaign: that TriHealth’s surprisingly human care drives the best health outcomes. We brought this to life in “Be seen. Be heard. Be healed.": an invitation to experience the humanity and the healing that results.


Seeing and hearing the new brand

Our integrated campaign used powerful, consumer-focused headlines and depicted moments of humanity to highlight instances of healing and relief that people could expect to feel with TriHealth by their side. Messaging emphasized the power of personal connection with a care team — and the system’s holistic, proactive care approach.


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