Valley Health System

Valley Health System

Using stirring, emotional creative to extend market lead.

For more than 10 years, we have helped Valley Health System stand out in a crowded and competitive market.

Tough competition against world-renowned care in a giant media market
Valley Health System is based in Ridgewood, N.J., just outside of New York City. To succeed in the face of constant competition, it needed a reliable partner capable of defining and strengthening its brand.

Tapping emotion and leveraging strategic partnerships
We led Valley through our 5D Brand Process, delivering a Brand Compass that defined its distinctive brand. From there, we built a platform to develop impactful creative campaigns that would build and extend a nearly unassailable market lead over a decade of partnership.

Defending and strengthening a brand
During the first 18 months of the most recent integrated brand campaign, Valley defended its position as market leader in top-of-mind awareness and overall preference. Across the market, ad recall levels were 32 percent higher for Valley than its next closest competitor. This is particularly remarkable considering Valley was significantly outspent in the market. Over more than 10 years, Core helped define and strengthen Valley’s brand identity with numerous campaigns. In turn, these integrated campaigns, many supporting specific service lines, have won more than 10 awards.

"My Story"

Valley faces the challenge of succeeding in a market with some of the most prestigious medical facilities in the world. To deliver the results they needed, we focused on delivering evocative creative that speaks to people’s emotional needs for healthcare services. A brand campaign using real patients and real stories, told in their own words, demonstrates Valley’s ability to heal its community, while integrating the strength of service lines that are of strategic importance. The work reinforces Valley’s brand position, a dedication to building a superior patient experience that made its brand unique in its market.

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Valley Health Clothes Shop
Valley Health Man Smiling "I was given a new lease on life"
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Valley digital ad In browser, and scaled down
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Valley Health Digital ad on Computer and Phone

A decade of brand strength

Building a brand requires more than memorable creative. For Valley, we have developed targeted campaign planning to spark patient acquisition and an ROI that proves leadership goals are being exceeded. Tactical solutions like video storytelling, dedicated landing pages, SEM and pinpointed out-of-home and digital media placements, with a strategic use of budget, in America’s biggest media market did the work that delivered the results.

Human storytelling

Breast cancer wasn't on Alex's radar - until she was diagnosed. With Valley's cancer care team behind her, Alex courageously took on cancer. Learn more at

Valley Health Print ad Woman smiling "They cared about me as a person"
Valley Home Care Doctor at door
Valley Health Woman and Small Baby
Valley Hospice Puppy and Hands

Our brand is stronger than ever, and we have been thrilled with the engagement we have had with our real patient stories.

Megan Fraser – VP, Marketing, Valley Health System, Ridgewood, NJ

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