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Valley Health System

Attracting new patients to an unconventional healthcare access point

How we balanced brand and style to introduce a new clinic for Valley Health System.

Launching a new walk-in clinic
In 2019, our long-time partner, New Jersey-based Valley Health System, asked us to develop a strategic, promotional campaign to introduce a new walk-in clinic within Garden State Plaza, a popular regional shopping mall. The plaza’s customers, employees and nearby residents would now have a convenient place to go for urgent care needs, vaccinations and referrals for specialty care within the Valley Health System network.

Vibrant creative gets attention of healthcare consumers
Our goal was to introduce the new clinic, increase awareness of its presence and services, and drive patients and mall employees to visit the location for care. Because the clinic wasn’t as visible as many of Garden State Plaza’s luxury storefronts, we undertook the challenge of developing a visually arresting campaign that was distinct from—but still on brand with—Valley Health System’s visual style. In addition to its unique style, we found opportunities to draw attention to the location in new and relevant ways to continually inform and inspire our audience throughout the year.

The brief

This project was something unlike anything we’d previously done for Valley Health System; because of the clinic’s location within a high-end shopping center, we had to communicate in a smart, sophisticated and positive way to seamlessly talk about healthcare in a retail context. We also needed to develop a campaign that felt appropriate both within the mall itself as well as in external media.

Doctor holding hand
People walking in a mall
Doctor checking patient's heart
Clothes on hangers
Digital mall graphic

Creative and activation

Because the campaign was largely centered within the mall, the creative we developed needed to win attention in a location already bustling with activity. To do that, we developed a sophisticated, illustrated style with bold colors and playful messaging that would feel at home in an upscale retail context. We even created animated graphics to enhance ads' visibility and appeal. While it was clearly distinct from other Valley Health System campaigns, we flexed our creativity within the brand guidelines for a solution that effectively balanced style and brand.

The headlines we developed played into the context of the mall as well, relating to seasonality to keep the campaign relevant and continuously fashionable throughout the year.

However, we didn’t solely rely on in-center advertisements. The media mix for the campaign included print advertisements in lifestyle magazines and daily newspapers, digital and social media advertisements, direct mail and SEM, ensuring our audience would know that staying healthy is in style — and now part of the Garden State Plaza experience.

Valley Health System - Animated html banner for Garden State Plaza
Valley Health System - Animated html banner for Heart Event for display at Garden State Plaza
Walk-In Care GSP Holiday Ad
Walk-In Care GSP Flu and Cold Ad
Walk-In Care GSP Heart Care Print Ad
Walk-In Care GSP Coming Soon Ad

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