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Different because you need it.

Our clients value the Core team's healthcare marketing experience; we nurture meaningful, long-lasting client relationships that result from teamwork and our dedication to understanding your business issues. In fact, our guiding principle is just one word - WE. It helps us serve as a true extension of your team so we produce our best, most impactful and most exciting work together. We want to be the best part of your day.

We are committed to developing creative that stirs human emotions with messaging that inspires people to take action. Our team never settles for easy or average creative solutions. We have a proven track record of telling our clients' stories in human and compelling ways to impact marketing results.

Nearly three decades of experience working in the healthcare industry means we speak your language and understand the challenges you face. Whether it's shifting market regulations, concerns about mergers and acquisitions, service line support, employer brand development, a product launch or selling your initiatives internally, we'll have your back.

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Learning and Leading. Together.

It's simple. We live our commitment to say it. live it.®

Core Health is built on a foundation of agency and healthcare veterans who have served health systems, hospitals and healthcare brands across the country. Our Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Laila Waggoner, serves as a resource for strategic counsel internally and externally. Proven expertise means we know what it takes to meet the high expectations and ambition you have for building a stronger brand.

We keep a watchful eye on trends influencing consumer behavior and on research into how to best connect with and motivate the healthcare consumer. That approach ensures we are always equipped to discuss the best path forward for our clients.

Our staff is fully engaged in understanding the unique needs of our clients - healthcare marketers and consumers of healthcare. We also understand the complexity in healthcare B2B sales, and can help bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

Our team regularly provides industry thought leadership using the latest trends, research and consumer motivators for healthcare. This includes our healthcare marketing podcast, the Core Exchange, which features interviews with healthcare leaders who understand the revolutionary change happening in today’s marketplace. In addition, we regularly speak at local, regional and national conferences to share our insights.

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