Healthcare marketers can provide support with COVID-19 education tools for kids

Quick ideas to help kids understand COVID-19

COVID-19 news, stories and viral movements are taking over every form of communication consumed by our communities. In a very short period of time, our lives have changed and there is a concern about our children’s mental and physical health. When parents, caregivers and educators know how to communicate with their children, they can feel some reassurance and confidence even when there is uncertainty.

There’s no better source to deliver the right information to parents, caregivers and educators than their local healthcare system. You can help provide the tools adults needed to communicate with children. By developing and deploying a suite of communications that help guide conversations, you can help adults alleviate fears and preserve the mental and emotional well-being of our children.

How to execute

Taking a two-pronged approach is the ideal way to roll out your campaign. First, develop communications that can help parents, caregivers and educators talk with children. Second, deliver tools and assets that can be given to children to help them understand and play a part in staying healthy and safe.

Ideas for tools, channels and outputs

  • A landing page that houses all materials and serves as the call-to-action. During the H1N1 pandemic, our agency partnered with Children’s Wisconsin (formerly Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin) to create a community outreach initiative. The Children’s Flu Fighters campaign was aimed at helping stop the spread of the flu. The website had regularly updated information. We provided educational materials for families and targeted campaigns for educators. Our caregiver toolkits had posters, stickers, mirror clings, branded antibacterial gel and other informational materials.
children's hospital of wisconsin flu fighters stickers
children's hospital of wisconsin flu fighters website RGB
  • Downloadable and shareable content for kids. BrainPOP created interactive content for kids to explore — from movies and quizzes to worksheets and games.
  • Paid advertising that can drive your audience to your owned properties. Right now, there are some additional rules around paid advertising and COVID-19. While we can’t target anything specific to COVID-19, we can find the right keywords and messages to get needed, helpful information to your audience.

Contact us with any questions. Our team is ready to support or help guide you in any way.


Bethany Rucinski is a Senior Copywriter at Core Health, Core Creative's specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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