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How healthcare marketers can show gratitude to their communities

Quick ideas for delivering thoughtful messages to the community

As COVID-19 “safe at home” and “social distancing” orders begin to scale back across the U.S., there are still fears and conflicting viewpoints throughout the nation. Navigating the COVID-19 crisis and the emotions that come with it is challenging. Healthcare systems can provide support to keep people invigorated with positivity.

What to do

When healthcare organizations recognize the efforts made by their communities, they’re acknowledging that each person makes a difference. Showing gratitude for community participation shows the community that the health system respects how difficult change is and that struggling through emotions is normal. Offering up feel-good messages is just as important as delivering COVID-19 communications.

How to execute

As we collectively work through the pandemic, health systems can thank their respective communities for playing a critical role. This message can be shared and supported across all social and owned properties, as well as pushed out to replace current, underutilized media. Consider:

  • Print
  • Social
  • TV
  • Radio spots
  • Digital display ads

Take a thoughtful approach

Right now, healthcare organizations are focusing their gratitude internally or to those donating — and those are still encouraged. In fact, those campaigns can easily dovetail to give a nod to your community as well. As the stay-at-home orders ease back, your communities need to feel hope, positivity, confidence and personal accomplishment.

When rolling out a thank-you message, keep a few guidelines in mind:

Brand your message. Try to brand your “thank you” message in any and all platforms where you are pushing your message.

Keep it simple. A pandemic is a heavy burden on society and individuals and there is always controversy. Be sure your message is simple and kind with all of your intentions directed toward showing gratitude.

Be authentic. The message should feel like your brand without being self-serving. When you deliver your message in a genuine way, it is more likely to be received that way, too.

Something creative for you

We played around with some warm ways to show kindness and gratitude. We’ve created a series of illustrations called “Spread Joy.” Anyone can download and use these graphics to #SpreadJoy on their social channels, for example. These graphics are social media ready for you to use. Simply right-click and download them to your desktop.


This graphic also animates.
Download and see the animation.



If you need other sizes of these graphics or would like to custom brand them for your organization, contact us and we’d be happy to help.


Bethany Rucinski is a Senior Copywriter at Core Health, Core Creative's specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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