Oncology campaign wins seven creative awards in 2019


Campaign sweeps recognition from Hospital Marketing National and CAA

Core Health’s “Heroes” campaign, developed to promote Riverside Healthcare’s oncology service line, swept creative healthcare advertising award categories in 2019. The campaign received a total of seven awards: two gold awards from Cancer Advertising Awareness, a silver Aster award, a silver award for Best Service Line Campaign and four unique finalist distinctions from Hospital Marketing National - Midwest..

Riverside Healthcare has engaged with Core Health to introduce and promote several key service lines over the past several years, including oncology and orthopedic care. The work has proven effective not just in sweeping healthcare marketing awards, but in adding revenue by increasing patient volumes. Well into 2020, Riverside continues running campaigns developed by Core Health, helping the health system, located in Kankakee, Ill., get more patients in service lines that have faced stiff market competition from systems in nearby Chicago.

Creating work for Riverside is always a unique challenge because of their geography. Being in a more rural area in such close proximity to Chicago, we try to develop sophisticated campaigns that stand out; campaigns that bring attention to the quality of health care audiences can get, close to home in their own community.

Beth Crivello-Wagner – Vice President of Brand Services at Core Health

The award-winning “Heroes” campaign, promoting Riverside’s cancer care, is explicit in its messaging. In both outdoor and print executions, images of Riverside’s oncology care providers are paired with bold, simple headlines such as “Leader,” “Warrior,” “Defender,” and “Protector,” speaking directly to the providers’ role in the heroic fight against cancer. Additional messaging focuses on the sophistication of Riverside’s resources and technology, inspiring confidence among the audience that heroic, high-quality care providers remain right where area residents need them most. 
The “Heroes” campaign is the second award-winning service line campaign that Core Health has developed for Riverside Healthcare since 2018. As the campaigns continue to run, Core Health works to continually optimize creative, refreshing copy and photography, enhancing SEM campaigns and strategically identifying new media placements to improve their efficacy and audience reach over time. The “Heroes” campaign is a prime example of Core Health’s commitment to campaign effectiveness and longevity, producing effective healthcare advertising that not only receives widespread creative recognition but long-term value for healthcare marketers.

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Colin Deval is the Director of Communications Strategy at Core Health, Core Creative’s specialized healthcare marketing practice.

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