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The path from marketing planning to execution doesn't always follow a straight line. Each organization has many constituents who possess — and likely aren't shy about communicating — strong and insistent opinions about what messages should be sent to which people at which times. To characterize the role of the marketing department as a balancing act among these powerful influences is putting it mildly.

In the healthcare industry, marketing and branding are two halves of the same whole. Whether you're hammering out a media strategy, meticulously planning a recruitment marketing initiative, launching a new product or developing a new ad campaign, you need an agency partner that aligns your marketing strategy with your brand's DNA. We act as that partner, thoughtfully guiding and elevating your brand to communicate sincerely with your audience.

Core brings deep industry experience and expertise to determine the right mix of marketing strategies to support your goals. Our collaborative process ensures your brand is deployed thoughtfully to more effectively connect with prospects and customers.

who dives deep to find the right healthcare digital and content marketing strategies


Core helps you balance constituent objectives with business goals and audience needs to craft a holistic marketing strategy. We start with a rigorous framework to discover your brand. Then, we plan and design marketing strategies that elevate, promote, and connect your brand to the people you want to have a relationship with.

Our say it. live it.® philosophy guides our approach to building successful healthcare marketing strategies. Core’s research uncovers data beyond market share and competitor sets to get a handle on your brand inside and out. We interpret that research and align it with your strategic business goals and industry insight to identify your needs. We then lay the groundwork to ensure your healthcare marketing strategies work in perfect lockstep.

that connect with real people and drive your business forward.

Core works with your team in a dynamic, inclusive, and engaging way to craft a marketing strategy that serves your goals, strengthens your brand, and builds a solid foundation.

The work we do ensures the elements of your marketing plan work both individually and together with strong strategic direction. The end result? A measurably impactful marketing program that's true to your brand, your audience, and your business goals.

We also help with: Healthcare Branding Services / Creative Services

Core created an outstanding campaign for our Jonesboro Clinic because it is clearly grounded in 'voice of the customer.' Both the campaign development process and the execution itself are perfect examples of how we are aligning ourselves with best-in-class external partners - partners who are helping us evolve our marketing approach and improve our impact to Arkansas Children's.

Jeff House – Vice President, Strategic Marketing

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