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Bring new healthcare products to market quickly and successfully

Launching a new healthcare product is a nuanced and creative process. With multiple audiences, buyers who aren’t necessarily the end users, and highly technical products, creating a go-to-market strategy is, in a word, complex. But complex doesn’t have to mean difficult.

Core helps you get to market efficiently. We work seamlessly with your internal teams and vendors to determine the most effective product launch strategies and bring them to life. Our expertise in the healthcare industry, combined with experience launching products for major global brands gives us an unmatched perspective as we work together to solve your challenges.

with a holistic strategy that strengthens your brand

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Like all of our work, B2B product launches are collaborative and built on a partnership of equals. Our process builds an understanding of the customer's journey, defines the right audiences, personas and messaging, and establishes the key performance indicators and metrics to define and drive success.

Instead of looking at the product by itself, we consider the brand as a whole and where the product fits into the bigger picture. Then we lead with a strategy that centers the audience and the product users. Our say it. live it.® philosophy ensures we've considered both the end user and the sales team in the product introduction or promotion plan. Though we can create launch strategies quickly, we never compromise our thoughtful approach, meaning you get the full benefit of our team’s insight and experience throughout the launch process.

and resonates with the right buyers.

We’ll work together to set, measure, and achieve your goals related to the product launch, and use each campaign to further differentiate your organization within the marketplace. We accomplish that by focusing on the messages that matter most to your intended audience. Every product team can talk about features and pricing. But your product will cut through that noise and show users and buyers how it will impact their work and their lives, and set the stage for sales success.

We also help with: Recruitment and Retention Campaigns / Marketing Services / Service Line Campaigns

Core helped us think through the best articulation of who we are and who we want to be with a strong brand compass and thorough storytelling.

Bret Barczak – Chief Marketing Officer, Numotion

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