Strengthening a brand from the inside out

How developing a strategic framework for MyPath transformed the organization’s brand and identity to serve recruitment and retention.

The need to attract and retain employees
ORP, an organization dedicated to providing diverse programs and services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, was challenged with significant employee turnover. The organization — made up of nine different companies and a workforce of nearly 2,500 — recognized the need to better attract and retain employees who would be ready to build a career in caregiving, education or behavioral services.

Setting the foundation for a new brand identity
We began by agreeing upon a plan for our comprehensive 5D Brand Process. Working together, we conducted primary research, including workshops and interviews with executive leadership, employees, company leaders and key stakeholders. Supplemental secondary research included audits and assessments of marketing materials, internal survey data and relevant industry studies.

We then developed a Brand Compass – a guide for the organization’s strategic direction that included a new Brand Mantra: Part of something bigger. This became the new rallying cry by which we could establish consistency for internal and external communications. And set the foundation for a new brand identity – MyPath.

Improved recruitment and retention
The new brand and marketing plan, with its supporting careers website and social media campaign were brought to market in September 2019; we established detailed analytics and reporting to track employee recruitment and retention, straight down to the source, MyPath company location and even the employee.

Creative and activation

In the months following development of our plan, Core set to work strategically concepting solutions for each key deliverable, adhering closely to the “Part of something bigger” brand mantra.

Names on a board
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Logo sketches
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We actually landed on about three or four names that could possibly work. But with Core’s support came the, ‘Here's the idea. Here's why it works’ rationale. A name change can sound fun and exciting and exhilarating, [but] if you're going to do it well, you need to start with why.

Janet Schulz – Chief Communications Officer, MyPath

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Employment marketing

Next, we addressed new employee recruitment and current employee engagement.

To reach new candidates within our audience segments, we diligently mapped out the candidate decision-making journey to drive traffic to our brand new MyPath careers website. is now the centralized location to apply at any MyPath Company, creating a more consistent brand experience.

We began by inverting the traditional decision funnel to prioritize a connection to MyPath's "why." We enhanced employee engagement from the beginning of the recruitment process with a comprehensive plan for social media storytelling and an emotional video that would greet visitors to the careers website. That focus continued through onboarding and employee communications. Because fewer than 50% of employees have a company email address, we recommended a mobile application to engage employees. It would facilitate consistent internal communication, rewards and recognition programming and performance reviews. MyPath could now better promote growth opportunities for existing employees, and strengthen bonds with the brand and its mission.

We built a system that empowered MyPath to speak to the emotional fulfillment people seek from a career as an educator or caregiver, improving recruitment and retention as a part of the same experience.

I am very proud of the resulting employment website. It's professional; not siloed or cut up in different ways. This is awesome.

Jim Balestrieri – Executive Chairman of the Board, MyPath

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